‘Foam party’

This story is about a foam party. My friend was 18 years old. It was the first time my friend was with me on a holiday (she was pointing towards her friend sitting next to her). We went to Barcelona for 4 days. We loved to go to the beach there. We met some more people that invited us to a pub crawl. Every day there was a new pub in the crawl. We decided to go there. It was the first day but my party shoes were already dead at the end of the day. And then there was the foam party.


I was tiny and the foam machines were huge. I didn’t notice that I was standing under the machine and the foam was getting pretty high. After a while I was just gone. My friend was missing me. She didn’t know where I was. I panicked and when you panic, you inhale deeply. So, I was choking on the foam. Afterwards I was coughing all night because of all of the foam I inhaled. I was soaked and cold afterwards.


Fortunately after this incident, it was the best night out ever. In Switzerland we also have foam party’s but there is not as much foam. It is just like a few bubbles. I never expected that much foam. After the incident I stayed away from the big foam machines. And we stayed until it closed at 6 am. And we didn’t freeze since it was Spain. The day after we went to the beach again.