‘Sex-museum in Amsterdam’

My story is about the sex museum in Amsterdam. It was my first holiday with my boyfriend.  We went to Amsterdam. We thought it would be cool to go to the red light district or maybe to explore something into that direction. We came across the sex museum and we went there.
There were all sorts of interesting pictures in a great hall. There were pictures from the 19th century of naked people. We saw that even a 100 years ago people were already that kinky. It isn’t really a new topic. And there were machines, photo machines with changing pictures. Naked people pictures….Doing stuff….There were also sex toys.


There also was this section….There was written: ‘this is not a section for the faint of heart’. You just have to be open to such things. You know stuff like bondage and peeing and such. Otherwise you shouldn’t go there. The museum only costs like 4 Euro’s. Ow, one last thing we saw was pictures of costumers of the red light district. And we could see all of their hairy parts.


You could just NEVER do something like that in Switzerland. You don’t talk about stuff like that. It was so interesting to see. There was this American guy and he had an open mouth all of the time. He was constantly like ‘wow! Did you see that?’. He just couldn’t handle it. The reactions of the other tourists were very funny. Some of them were definitely not used to it.


Bodyworld in Switzerland almost closed down because of the sex section. I think it was closed,  no you had to be 18 to go there. There was a possibility to go around it. It was such an outcry. Switzerland is known as an open country, but sex is such a taboo topic.