‘New phone’

(I can’t remember why, but because of a joke the teller said: ‘Noooooooooo’, looked at me and said: ‘write that down’ because I said something about how everything had to be written down. After this he started telling the story. )

My boss promised me a new phone. With the new security regulations coming up, I have to have a phone for certain apps. So I picked out my new phone and I could pick it up at the Bruna most near me. My boss ordered it on his own name and he had to bring his ID, but he doesn’t live in Utrecht, so he sent me a copy of his ID, so that I could pick it up.

So I went to the Bruna and explained everything. I gave the address of my work. That is in Amsterdam. Then they said, no not the address it is sent from, the address it is sent to. So, I explained again, that it was sent ‘to’ that address, but such that it was directly sent to them, for me to pick up. They still didn’t get it, but started looking. At first they couldn’t find anything on the address and it took them a while to find the package. When they finally found it, they suddenly said: ‘ it is not in your name. This package can only be picked up personally.’ And that meant that I could not pick it up. But I already explained everything and already wasted 10 minutes of my time. When I asked if they could send it back immediately, so we could reorder it in the right name, they said no, you’ll have to wait two weeks before it is send back. So now I don’t really know how I am going to get my new phone. Probably next week my boss will pick me up at home and then we can get the phone together.

But I had the ID of my boss and all of the evidence and still they wouldn’t give me my phone. That’s it for my story.