How I became ‘of Jop’

How I became ‘of Jop’. That is the day I got my ID-card. So we had previously planned to be out of bed at seven thirty. I don’t really remember if we were. But when the alarm rang that morning I did not feel like coming out of bed. It was so warm and cosy, so cold outside, you know herfst things. So yeah we got early dressed and left to Utrecht. Euhm the journey was good but for some assholes on the road of course. – we both laughed. –

Yeah normal everywhere. So luckily we got there on time because we left a few minutes late, we suppose to leave at eight but we left around ten past eight, when we got there yeah a parking spot was also a bitch, we couldn’t get parking but luckily there was one space where another big car couldn’t fit but we could easily fit. And because Jop knew the way we ran a bit and we got there.

And we were second in line then when it was our turn the guy asked for my…. Passport. Although we had a reservation we thought he would asked but no he asked for the passport. So we gave him the passport and we got a number for when we are next so we had to sit and wait and we saw a kids corner – giggle – with very few toys but ok at least it was there.

yeah so when our turn came which took a bit of time because we thought it would start at nine but some was there before us and got served first, but luckily we made it and our turn came there was a nice old lady there and greeted ‘hello there’ and we greeted back off course, she was asking is it her first or other and we were like our first she took the paper invitation of the IND and checked and was like on the computer ‘tutututudue’ and then she was like just give me a minute.

oh before that she was like ‘oh Kenyan’ she saw on my passport and then she was like “the person before you was also Kenyan” then we were like “what are the odds of that? two Kenyans in a day but few Kenyans come here” ok.

So she went to the back and looked and she came back and was like “oh I can’t see her name” and we were like “what come on we got the letter how can it be?” and she was like “yeah” and then Jop said ”Maybe try looking at her other name?” and then she was like “mm ok, one more time I will go” and the old lady just stood up and then slowly walked away. And then checked.

Which took her some time and while we were there waiting my baby poked me – giggle – on my leg, he was just gaming and telling me about some facts about magician’s card tricks trying to pull it off but he did not do that very well. – HÉ!! I said laughing because that remark was aimed at me – but he did it and showed me something, but I just had my fingers crossed thinking “I hope she gets it, she gets it ”yeah at least that time pasted by and when she came she was like “oe at last I got it” and we got I and there was an awkward silence for a moment and then we were like “oh thank you, have a lovely day, goodbye” and then after I got it at last my heart was at ease.

And then my baby was just ready to go out and I was like “hey wait! I need to put this in the bag” and then I sat put my passport back in my passport holder, put it in my back, looked at the details of my identity card and they were good when I realized I became ‘of Jop’ and we were done. And we left and because we had decided to walk around in Utrecht because we never seen the mall near the train station we did that and it was lovely and beautiful they had just reconstructed the buildings, new buildings, new shops, but unfortunately the shops weren’t open, but it was nice walking around. It was a lovely successful day and I enjoyed it with my love. – we ended the story with a gentle kiss. –