Our Organisation

Fabulae hominum is a non-profit organisation which will not use the stories for any commercial purposes. We rely completely on volunteers and donations. Our volunteers have the freedom to contribute to the organization’s mission in their own manner.

If you like to donate or ask us any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Ontmoet ons

Councilor Archief [Chairman] – Jacob Teuwissen

Greetings, my name is Jacob Teuwissen. As founder and chairman of the foundation Fabulae Hominum I am also responsible for the management, conservation and distribution of the stories collected by the listeners of Fabulae. As chairman, I strive for a growing organization that contributes to the preservation and strengthening of the sense of humanity in our society. Within the foundation I’m involved at every level of the organization, because i believe that every task is important and contributes to our common goal. From listener to archiver, from promoter to donor.

Why Fabulae? I have always been looking for new stories. The experiences they teach you, the feelings and the value that they carry with them. Through the years I realized how important it is to hear a humane story in addition to the facts and figures with which we build our future. With these thoughts the idea of ​​Fabulae Hominum was formed. With the help of this organization I hope to give humane feelings and thoughts a place in the future and to preserve the experience of everyone. ‘Every story is worth being heard’ and that is why I will ensure that every story can be heard.

Hearing, reading and sharing the experiences in this world is an inexhaustible source of wisdom in which I enjoy every waking day. Fabulae Hominum gives me the chance to see the world through a thousands eyes and lives.

I look forward to expand my horizons together with our listeners and the thousands of real humanity stories that are stil lto come. Join and help us and share the experience.

Councilor Listeners [Treasurer] – Marieke Kooijmans

Hi! My name is Marieke Kooijmans, and at Fabulae I oversee our community of Listeners. This means that I support the recruitment, development and growth of this community within our organisation. Besides this I also partake as a Listener, meaning that I listen to stories and collect them for the archive.

Why Fabulae? I’m a curious cat! And therefore I love to get inspired by stories of people from different cultural backgrounds and perceptions of the world, that offer me new perspectives. Also it’s very rewarding to actively listen to someone. When was the last time you did this? As a Listener you can adopt this role easily!

I look forward to expand Fabulae’s story archive together with our Listeners community, and inspire more people with real stories!

Councilor Control & Support [secretary]  – Jan-Willem Schaap

I am Jan-Willem Schaap, involved with Fabulae as the Control & Support councilor. In practice, this means that I am mainly involved behind the scenes with, among other things, checking the formal side of the foundation as a secretary and support with matters such as the website and technical aspect of the story archive.

In the early days of Fabulae, Jacob asked me to think along with him about a concept that he had been working on for some time. My input was so appreciated that he asked me to take a seat on the board.

I find the goal of Fabulae to bring people more in personal contact with each other beautiful and worthy to be a part of. Because my role is particularly in the background, I can combine this well with my current daily activities.

From this overview position it is nice to see how Fabulae is slowly growing and to see the enthusiasm of the other (board) members.