Our Vision

We are convinced that humanity has an important place in human society and we want to help strengthening and maintaining this. We experience that in this world people are merely reduced to numbers and figures. The human aspect gets drowned out by the force of facts and information. Therefore, the value of community, the humanity of “us”, of the people becomes of less importance and disappear to the background to slowly be forgotten.

We feel that sharing life experience is an important of human nature and herein we recognize the value of humanity that we seek. That is why we see in this behaviour an opportunity to strengthen the values of humanity.

With our motto in mind, “every story is worth being heard”, we set out to hear the stories of people’s life experiences of whoever is willing to share. You can find us anywhere, willing to listen to all the stories of every life, of every experience, of every emotion.

By giving everyone the opportunity to share their life experience with the world, we want to acknowledge their humanity. With this acknowledgement we hope to increase the awareness of how important and big the role of humaneness is in society.

All collected stories will be written down and made anonymous. The stories will then be stored in the archives of Fabulae Hominum. This way the stories will be giving a place accessible to everyone. Not only in the present but also for future generations.